We believe steam is a superior professional cleaning method and has a positive benefit of significantly less impact on New Zealand's natural environment.

Our Story

We first became interested in steam as a method of cleaning when we experienced a drought. Grant owned a busy paint and panel shop and had to find a way of cleaning his cars using a minimal amount of water. When we started using steam we were highly impressed - not only was it faster to clean but saved water and eliminated the cost of buying expensive chemical cleaners. We researched and trialled steamers from around the world and discovered Optima Steam - a dry steam machine which we consider to be the best on the market.

We believe steam is a superior professional cleaning method and provides a range of applications in different industries. As a result, we are committed to researching and developing new applications for dry steam technology. As members of the Sustainable Business Network we strive to provide a chemical-free cleaning alternative that has positive benefits on New Zealanders and our natural environment.

Geoff Smith - Director

Geoff Smith has been involved for over 30 years in the international trade of products and commodities in NZ, Australia and Asia. He is focused on researching and developing new uses for steam and supports our growing network of customers.

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Geoff Smith
Grant lewis

Grant Lewis - Operations Manager

Grant Lewis has a 25-year background in the automotive industry. He has owned and operated paint and panel shops that specialise in collision repairs. He wanted to find a better way to clean his vehicles and make significant savings in water consumption. He is focused on supporting businesses to develop more environmentally friendly practices that will help them to succeed and grow.

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Steam cleaning - Boat
Steam cleaning - Motorcycle