"The steam cleaning device demonstrated to us at Hutt City Council provides an efficient means to clean a vehicle without creating a discharge. No washpad would be needed so no building consent or trade waste"

Gordon George, Manager, Trade Wastes Section, Hutt City Council


Steam is a superior method for cleaning a car's exterior and interior. Optima Steam is the first commercial grade steamer that is specifically designed for cleaning cars and comes with specialist tools to ensure a high-end finish. It takes less time than a conventional clean with better results.

The steam is generated at a constantly high temperature and pressure that is powerful enough to remove dirt but gentle on surfaces. It eliminates the need for pre-soaking or intensive scrubbing and penetrates into small spaces and fittings that traditional water systems cannot. The steam can sterilises a car's interior, killing bacteria, germs and other nasties as well as effortlessly removing stains from upholstery and caked on mud and bird droppings.

It is chemical-free and creates no waste water, which removes the need for costly disposal systems. This makes it a cost-effective option for new car grooming services who can easily enter the market without having to invest in expensive water disposal systems. Steam-cleaning delivers a high-end finish that meets the strict environmental standards required by insurance companies, offering a competitive advantage to paint and panel shops. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the Optima Steam is an asset to any car business.

steam cleaning car 1
steam cleaning car 1


Steam is a superior cleaning method for sterilising wine barrels. The steam is generated at constant high temperatures which has been proven to effectively eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms, including Brett, Zygo and Tartrates.

Each barrel is sanitised using no chemicals and less than 3 litres of water. Steam penetrates 5mm into the wood surfaces, further than ozone and water-based chemicals can reach. The barrels are also rehydrated, refreshing the oak's characteristics and extending their life by up to 30%.

The steam's constant high heat is generated in a fraction of the time of conventional methods, making it a faster cleaning method. A speciality wine barrel tool also enables you to effectively clean two barrels at once. A food-grade standard offers additional applications, including the sanitisation and cleaning of bottles, equipment and winery surfaces.

Steam cleaning wine barrels 1
Steam cleaning wine barrels 2


Steam is a highly efficient method for sterilising food preparation and packing facilities. It is easy to use with minimal effort, so no more pre-soaking or intensive scrubbing. Based on the latest technology, the food grade steamer has been proven to effectively eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms.

Most pathogens are killed at 70°C and the Optima steam has a constant temperature of around 105°C, enabling it to deeply penetrate surfaces and thoroughly sterilise the equipment. Its gentle pressure can safely clean delicate equipment which includes control panels, conveyor belts, screens, walk-in coolers and freezer. No chemical or waste water run-off make this a highly efficient method of cleaning for restaurants, food trucks, farms and industrial factories.

Food preparation steam cleaning 1
Food preparation steam cleaning 3


High-pressure steam is ideal for cleaning public spaces, factories and transport fleets. Steam offers a chemical-free alternative to cleaning public spaces, like bus stops, easily removing gum without damaging the surfaces.

Ideal for tackling mould or insect infestations, it deodorises and sanitises in addition to providing a deep clean. Surfaces dry instantly so the public is no longer inconvenienced as facilities are ready to be used immediately after use. Specialist tools enable large areas to be easily cleaned, effectively removing built-up dirt and grime on transport fleets and large public areas.

Commercial steam cleaning 1
Commercial steam cleaning 3


Steam is effective at cleaning power boats and sail boats. It can powerfully remove salt and dirt on your boat while protecting the electronics, resulting in a better long-term performance.

Fiberglass material can be easily stained and damaged with traditional cleaning chemicals, whereas the light pressure of steam safely removes dirt and odours from all surfaces. It will sterilises a boat's interior, killing bacteria, germs and other nasties from soft fabrics and upholstery.

Steam supports the regular maintenance of the hull by loosening barnacles and killing mould while preserving the wax on surfaces so your hard labour won't be lost. Using steam to maintain your boat prevents future complications and protects its long-term re-sale value.

Marine steam cleaning 1
Marine steam cleaning 3