The Optima Steamer is a world leader in steam technology. As a 100% natural cleaning product it offers a safe and cost-effective option for a superior clean.

The main advantages are:

  • No chemicals
  • Sanitises surfaces - killing bacteria, mould, and viruses
  • Deep clean that removes grease and dirt from hard surfaces and stains from delicate fabrics
  • Easy to use with minimal effort - no more pre-soaking or intensive scrubbing
  • Saves water using 95% less than traditional methods
  • Generates zero waste water so no costly treatment systems
  • Extends the life of materials (e.g. wine barrels last 30% longer)
  • Environmentally friendly, meeting council and industry compliance standards

Two operators can clean at once without loss in steam pressure, increasing your efficiency. We also provide specialist tools to meet all your cleaning needs - these range from a car-cleaning kit through to an industry-certified wine barrel tool.

Optima steam has been designed with the operator's safety in mind. Multiple safety features include pressure and temperature control switches, water and fuel level sensors, LED indicators, alarm, non-return check valves, and the water pump is pre-set with a maximum run time to prevent it from overheating or running dry.

The all-in-one cleaning machine comes in three models:

diesel icon

Optima Steam Diesel

The Optima Steamer Diesel is ideal for mobile cleaning operations such as car washing, commercial cleaning and weed removal.

The diesel powered burner produces continuous steam within a few minutes and is heat efficient, reducing emissions, noise and fuel consumption. The boiler's unique stainless steel design supports a long life span and keeps the machine cool during extended use.

Optima Steam Diesel
electric icon

Optima Steam Electric

The Optima Steam Electric is ideal to use indoors, including paint and panel shops, industrial kitchens and wineries.

This electric model is equipped with a powerful electric boiler that is quiet and energy-efficient. It holds over 40 litres and has an automatic water refilling system that enables a continuous supply of steam so there is no downtime when you're cleaning.

Optima Steam Electric
utensils icon

Optima Steam Food Standard

This Optima Steam Food Standard model is an innovative steam cleaning machine, sheathed in food grade stainless steel, designed specifically for use in the food and beverage industries.

It has been proven to eliminate the most prominent and dangerous food pathogens including Staphylococcus, E. coli, Campylobacter, Listeria and Salmonella. It has been ergonomically designed so that up to three operators can use it simultaneously without a loss in steam pressure.

Optima Steam Electric