Wine Barrel Steam Cleaning

Cleans, sanitises, rehydrates and extends barrel life

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Steamtech Systems offers our clients an on site wine barrel steam
cleaning service which is effective, efficient and affordable.

Wine Barrel Steam Cleaning Service

Steam is an ideal cleaning method for wine barrels. It penetrates 5mm into the wood surfaces, further than ozone and water-based chemicals can reach. The steam is generated at constant high temperatures which has been proven to effectively eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms, including Brett and Zygo. Each barrel is rehydrated and sanitised using no chemicals and less than 3 litres of water. The steam dissolves and removes old tartrate build up, exposing the oak to the next batch of wine and extending the useful life of a barrel.

When cleaning wine barrels with steam we bring them up to 100° C and hold this temperate for 3-5mins for optimal sanitisation.

The steam’s constant high heat is generated in a fraction of the time of conventional methods, making it a much faster and effective cleaning method. Our special wine barrel tool enables us to monitor the internal barrel temperature during the steaming process. The Optimas steam capacity enables us to effectively clean two barrels at once.

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Wine barrel steam cleaning
Wine barrel and grapes

Service Price

$20 + GST per barrel

Main Advantages

  • No chemicals
  • Sanitises surfaces – killing bacteria, mould, and viruses
  • Saves water using 95% less than traditional methods
  • Dramatically reduce waste water
  • Extends the life of wine barrels
  • Environmentally friendly, meeting council and industry compliance standards