"The Optima Steamer means we don't need to use cleaning detergents or chemicals, and there is no wastewater run off so we don't need a soak pit. I would highly recommend it."

Vince Mclean, Owner, Longley Panelbeaters.

Why Steam?

Steam is a chemical-free disinfectant that penetrates both tough surfaces and delicate fabrics to kill bacteria and viruses.

Steam is a much safer alternative to traditional cleaning methods, avoiding the health risks associated with inhaling chemicals. It uses 95% less water compared to normal cleaning processes so you save water while being able to clean in spaces that normal water can't reach.

The high temperature steam cleans and sterilises all hard surfaces, removing built up dirt and grime with ease. The gentle low pressure ensures a scratch-free finish and naturally sanitisers softer fabrics. There is also zero waste water, which removes the costly task of managing waste water run-off.

Average water consumption
per car wash type, Liters

average water consumption per car wash type

The Optima Steamer is an
all-in-one system.

The Optima Steamer is an all-in-one system. This machine replaces the need for multiple pieces of equipment, including a pressure washer, water and waste tanks, generator and air compressor. Its versatile ability to deeply clean, sanitise, deodorise and remove stains opens up a range of new services that your business can offer.

A steam machine will support your business to grow.

A steam machine will support your business to grow. It's an efficient cleaning method that saves both time and energy. Its cost-effective and provides a low cost alternative to traditional expensive waste water systems. This system exceeds the requirements for industry and council compliance, ensuring you will win contracts and attract new business. It also has the added advantage of appealing to a growing consumer market who care about the environment.

Steam cleaning - Barrels
Steam cleaning - Windows